June 30, 2010

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New Website

June 25, 2010

Despite being under “construction” new website is up  Please let me know if you have any suggestions, or adjustments that need to be made.  Thanks!

Pistons Draft Round Up

June 25, 2010

After selecting big man Greg Monroe in the first round, the Pistons took a flyer on SG Terrico White in the 2nd round.  White’s strongest asset is his athletic ability, he possess the skills to jump out of the gym.  This was  a case where the Pistons took the best athlete available, it will be interesting to see if White can make the team or spend time in the D-League.

The Pistons headed into the draft with trade rumors swirling in every direction.  Analysts has the Pistons trading up for Center DeMarcus Cousins, trading picks and players for the Timberwolves Al Jefferson, sending Prince to the Kings, and the list went on and on.  After the draft was all said and done the NBA saw numerous moves, but none by the Pistons.  Granted the offseason is still young and the Pistons have plenty of time to make trades.  However, the draft and the trade deadline are when 90% of trades in the league happen.  Maybe the trade rumors surrounding the Pistons were all just talk, or deals that did not make sense for the Pistons.  Despite the inactivity I still anticipate the Pistons to do everything they can to trade Prince, and Hamilton.  Prince is the most likely to be dealt since he has an expiring contract, but the clog of money and minutes at the shooting guard position will force the Pistons to deal Hamilton ASAP.

Pistons Draft Day-1st Round Pick

June 24, 2010

Heading into this draft the Pistons were focused on beefing up their front line by adding a big man with their first round pick.  They spent the days leading up to the draft trying to move up to draft Center DeMarcus Cousins.  Their failure to do so forced them to watch the Sacramento Kings select him with the fifth overall pick.  The Warriors used the sixth pick to draft another big man with upside in Epke Udoh.  With both of these players off of the board the Pistons took the next best big man Greg Monroe.  He instantly brings much needed size, and is the best passing big man in the draft.  Not to mention his rebounding and scoring skills will allow him the opportunity to be a starter right away. Maybe not the player everyone wanted, but Monroe has the potential to be a solid pro.

Website Coming Soon

June 24, 2010

I will be officially transferring my blog over to my website  The site is under heavy construction right now, but should be completed in the next few days.  I will keep this blog active, but will eventually just update only on the website.  I will also be changing my twitter account from @joshalltrades to @pureMIsports.   Big changes are on the horizon.

Pistons Offseason Approach

June 22, 2010

With the NBA Draft a mere two days away its time to contemplate what direction GM Joe Dumars will lead the Pistons ongoing rebuilding attempt.  Rumors have been rampant that the Pistons are desperate to trade up to select Center DeMarcus Cousins from Kentucky.  It seems unlikely a trade will occur, but Cousins immaturity may allow him to drop to the Pistons anyway.  Regardless of the pick, whether its Cousins, Udoh, Aldrich or someone else, the Pistons will be drafting a big man.  After adding size to the draft the Pistons will focus on trying to trade Tayshaun Prince, Rip Hamilton, Ben Gordon and/or Jason Maxiell.  The next goal of the offseason will be to decide where Rodney Stuckey fits on this team.  Hopefully Dumars finally comes to the realization that Stuckey is not a point guard, but a solid shooting guard.  It would be in the Pistons best interest to pursue a veteran point guard via free agency.  The name that sticks out to me, and seems most realistic, is Raymond Felton.  Although the Bobcats will be adamant about re-signing the talented point guard, his price tag will likely be out of the their price range.  Naturally it doesn’t make sense for the Pistons to add payroll, unless they can trade one of their over paid, and unnecessary players (aforementioned Prince, Hamilton, Gordon and Maxiell).  This is a crucial offseason for the Pistons, and it won’t be easy with the pending sale of the team, but Dumars job is on line.  Many have called out his ability to judge talent and manage a payroll, not to mention question if former assistant and current GM of the Bucks, John Hammond was more responsible for the Pistons success over Dumars.

Miggy’s MVP Numbers

June 18, 2010

The Tigers have gotten several outstanding performances from Jackson’s hot start, Maggs resurgence, Galarraga’s perfect game that wasn’t, impressive bullpen play, Boesch’s stunning rookie stats, solid starts from Bonderman and strong starting pitching from Verlander.  However no player has been more impressive on the Tigers, or even in the entire league, than Miguel Cabrera.  For a team that has (have scored 17th most runs in baseball)  struggled to score, Miggy has put this team on his back.  He leads both leagues in home runs(19), RBIs(59), and would be a serious threat to win the triple crown, but he trails Robinson Cano by .50 points in batting average(.332) in the AL.  Miggy has also been outstanding in the clutch, batting .375 with runners in scoring position and .345 with runners in scoring position and two outs.  Obviously he has gotten help, but its safe to say the Tigers would be far closer to the Royals than the Twins in the standings, without Miggys amazing start to the season.