Wings Re-Sign Bertuzzi to 2-Year Deal

The Red Wings announced yesterday that they re-signed forward Todd Bertuzzi.  Despite the Red Wings being excited about bringing Bertuzzi back, I am not a fan of the deal.  While I will admit for his price tag, (from last season; terms were not disclosed on his new deal) he performed well, 18 goals and 44 points.  However Bertuzzi is a streaky player, he will go several weeks contributing points and solid shifts and other weeks offering very little.  Personally, I felt the Wings would have been wise to scavenger the open market to see if they could not find a younger version of Bertuzzi for a similar price.  I had heard rumors that the Wings were heavily interested in brining Bertuzzi back once the playoffs ended, so the deal itself isn’t a surprise.  I am shocked that they decided to give him a two year deal.  Granted a two year contract will allow his cap number to be lower, no matter his yearly total, but why not give him a one year deal with a team option on the second year?  Hopefully Bertuzzi can bring his 44 points from last season to next year, but the Wings could look foolish by risking a two year deal on a streaky player with a history of injuries.

*Just saw on SB Nation Detroit that Bertuzzi’s deal is 2 years for 3.875 million, cap hit of 1.937million a year.  This makes me like the deal even less.  I understand Bertuzzi wanted a raise and a two year deal, but were the Wings fighting off suitors that they needed to give in to both of his demands?  The Wings will definitely regret this decision.  This off season was about getting younger, faster, and better, not sure how giving a raise to an aging, slow, streaky player helps…


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